Zurich Weather

Zurich weather / climate can be considered temperate since it is located at 47°23'N 8°34'E and an altitude of 556m.

The climate of the city is influenced by its inland situation, northerly hills and Lake Zurich’s north-westerly side. The humid Atlantic breezes also influence the temperature, and it is rare for the city to experience seasonal weather extremes.


Zurich has an average temperature of 48 °F. The average difference in temperatures between the months is 19 °C. December, January and February are the coldest months, with coolest average minimum of 27 °F in January. June, July and August are the warmest months, with the warmest average maximum of 77 °F in July.


The city sees 158 days annually on which a precipitation of more than 0.004 in takes place. This includes precipitation in the form of snow, sleet, rain, and hail. March and December are the driest months, with 2.5 in of rainfall. July is the wettest month, with 5.4 in of precipitation (rain) in two weeks.

Humidity and Sunshine

Zurich has a mean relative humidity of 75.8 percent. November and December are the most humid months, with 84 percent humidity.

April is the least humid month, with humidity 64 percent humidity. There are about 1700 sunshine hours per year. The average range of sunshine is 1.2 hrs. a day in December and 7.7 hrs a day in July.

Seasonal Variations

Winter Time

The winter season usually lasts from December to February. While the city does not experience temperature extremes, it can get cold in the winter. Snow also occasionally occurs during these months.

January is usually the coldest month in the city, with daytime temperatures of about 36°F. The temperatures drop a little at night, when sharp frosts are most likely. The climate of Zurich warms up soon and the temperature increases to 46°F and greater by start of March.

Spring Time

Spring season in Zurich lasts from April to the beginning of June. The maximum temperature in the months of April and May is 54°F and 66°F respectively. The minimum temperature for these months is 39°F for April and 48°F for May.

Summer Time

The summer season is when majority of the tourists visit Zurich. Exploring the city during summer is an enjoyable experience because of the warm, sunny Zurich weather. The daylight hours also increase during this season, which means that a lot of evening celebrations take place, especially between July and August.

The average high temperature in the city during summer is about 73°F; however, Zurich weather during this season can get much warmer for short periods of time. The season also brings rain showers, so it is a good idea to check the weather forecast before making plans for the day. The months of September and October are also relatively warm, with maximum temperatures of 63°F and 73°F respectively.

Fall Time

The fall season lasts from September to the start of December. The maximum temperature that can be expected in Zurich in the month of September is 63°F, October is 55°F, and November is 45°F. A complain that people have about the weather of the city is that it often gets grey and foggy during fall/winter.

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