Zurich Train Station

The Zurich train Station, or Zurich Main Station as its name would translate to from Zürich Hauptbahnhof (Zurich HB), is Switzerland’s largest railway station and one of the busiest train stations in the world.

Since the station is located in Zurich, a central city of Europe, it becomes an even more important transport facility for people travelling to different European destinations.

The station provides access to several places, including, but not limited to, Austria, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain.

Zurich HB is also well-situated. It is close to the major attractions of the city.

Hotels are also nearby, so you can set up camp quickly after arriving and start discovering.

The Concourse

The concourse of the Zurich train station is one of the largest covered spaces in the continent. It has a total area of more than 55,000 m². In addition to the gathering and passage of travelers, this space is used for a variety of other things.

It is used for “open air” cinema and events like skating and Street Parade rehearsal. Christmas, vegetable and flea markets are also set up there.

During Christmas time, the station presents a beautiful picture. It is decorated with lighting, a big Christmas tree, and stands offering Christmas delicatessen as well as other products.

zurich train station

Center of the Concourse

zurich train station

View from another angle

zurich train station

Infopoint where u can get info on the city

zurich train station

Big Watch

zurich train station

A temporary market selling typical Swiss Foods


The Main station is part of the Rail City network and has a huge underground shopping arcade called ShopVille. This arcade has more than 200 shops and other businesses.

ShopVille is open on Sunday as well, as it benefits from the regulation that while normal labor is prohibited on Sundays, it is permitted in "centers of public transport".

Due to this, you will find a large number of people in the underground "Rail City" on Sundays, while the streets of the city are mainly vacant.

zurich train station

Stairs from the Concourse down to the Shopville

zurich train station

A nice fountain in the Shopville

zurich train station

Broad view of part of the Shopville

SBB Lounge

The station has the distinction of establishing the first SBB lounge. This longue is available to those travellers who have a first-class general subscription or international ticket and those who have membership of the Railteam frequent traveller program.


The ground floor of the Zurich train station has 20 terminal tracks. Tracks 3 to 18 are designated for trains arriving from main locations within the country and majority of, if not all, international trains.

Connection between long-distance trains is established on the half hour and hour. If there is delay, the connecting train waits for three minutes more than the scheduled stoppage time; however, there are exceptions in the cases of some late night trains and international trains.

Tracks 51 – 54 are designated to Zurich S-Bahn train services as well as extra rush hour trains coming through the following stops – Zürich Enge and/or Zürich Wipkingen.

S-Bahn trains leave on the scheduled time, without waiting for late connecting trains; however, long-distance trains, normally give an extra time of three minutes (maximum) to S-Bhan trains.

Over 2,900 trains arrive at the Zurich Main Station every day. In 2004, the station accommodated 340,000 passengers per day on average.

Zurich HB is busy regardless of the time of day, with arrivals and departures going on from 05:00 until 01:00 on week days. The night network starts operating from Friday night and continues till Sunday morning. During this time, trains operate 24 hours at the Zurich train station.

zurich train station

One of the boards showing departures

zurich train station tracks

View of Tracks # 5 and # 6

zurich train station

Am about to board a modern train

zurich train

View of the train entrance

zurich train station

Here is how the tracks look like before arriving @ the station

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