Zurich Restaurants

Restaurants baby, lets talk about Zurich restaurants.

But before we talk about restaurants I must give you a small crash course about the typcal Swiss food (with an emphasis on the German part).

What are the best foods in Switzerland? What is the Swiss cuisine best known for? This is important so that you don´t go looking for a pizzeria or a sushi bar right away....

Here is the list:

* Anything made of potatoes which include French Fries, Rosti, baked potatoes, chips and so on.

* Züri Gschnetzlets – Veal in a cream/mushroom sauce. (Zurich specialty)

* Sausages, number one beeing the Bratwurst. However there are many many other great sausages that you must try during your trip in zurich.

* Cheese, cound be straght or in the from of Fondue and Raclette.

* Schnitzel, in both the German part of Switzerland, Germany and Austria you can get the best Schnitzels of the world, hands down.

* Bread.

* Desserts, especially fruit pies.

Of course there are many other international foods and restaurants in Zurich ranging from Italian food, Asian food and so on.

Here I will be concentrationg on Zurich restaurants that offer the typical Swiss foods thant I mentioned in the above list.

After the main list I will give you some other options if you are staying for a longer time in the city and would like to take a break from the Swizss cuisine.

Allright then lets get started:


This used to be a military riding school and you can still see and feel the decoration both from the outside and the inside.

When I was there the last time it was during wintertime so I didn´t get a chance to eat in the huge biergarden on the outside. (a must place to go during summertime).

I had a Schnitzel with French Fries and a Salad.

Very tasty.

Address: Gessneralle 8

zurich restaurants

Walking on a bridge over the Sihl river

reithalle restaurant zurich

Getting closer to the entrance

zurich restaurant reithalle

The Reithalle from the outside

reithalle restaurant zurich

The restaurant on the inside

zurich restaurants reithalle

Where the horses used to get their food...

zurich restaurants

I had a nice salad before the Schnitzel

reithalle biergarden

The biergarden on the outside: empty in the winter but crowded during summertime

Adler Swiss Chuchi

In the hearth of the Niederdorf (old town) this typical Swiss food restaurants serves some great Fondue and Raclette.

Address: Rosengasse 10

Website: www.hotel-adler.ch

Adler Swiss chuchi

Entrance of the Adler Restaurant

adler swiss chuchi zurich restaurant

Nice cow

Rheinfelder Bierhalle

Also in the hearth of the Niederdorf (at the beginning) this is a great value for tasting some of the Swiss dishes I was talking about.

I have been there many many times and have always eaten well. Try the Schnitzel with French fries, the Züri Gschnetzlets and if you are really hungry the Jumbo Cordon Bleu. (you are gonna need a nap afterwards)

Address: Niederdorfstrasse 76

zurich restaurants

The Rheinfelder Bierhalle

zurich restaurants

The menu (closed)

zurich restaurants bierhalle

The menu (opened)

zurich restaurants

Am waiting for my food

zurich restaurants

Schnitzel mit Pommes Frites (Schnitzel with French Fries)

bierhalle zurich restaurant

Came back the next day to eat the Züri Gschnetzlets with Spätzli


Another great Zurich restaurant to include in your schedule. Try the potato salad and one of the many Wurste (Sausages) available.

My tip is to get the Kannonenputzer (see picture on the menu)

Address: Bahnhofstrasse 28ª

Website: www.zeughauskeller.ch

zeughauskeller zurich restaurant


zurich restaurants zeughauskeller

Menu on the outside / sneak peak of what´s about to come

zurich restaurant zeughauskeller

Inside the restaurant

zurich restaurants

One of the 20 Sausages to choose from the menu

zurich restaurant zeughauskeller

along with a nice potato salad

Zunfthaus Zimmerleuten

Here you have the option of eating on the ground floor (Küferstube) or on the first floor (century old ambience).

We opted for the Küferstube where we ate some great Swiss dishes beeing the Züri Gschnetzlets (Yes once again) as well as the “Gehacktes Rindfleisch und Hörnli mit hausgemachtes Apfelmus”.

Pieces of meat with Hörnli which is a typical Swiss German type of pasta and homemade Apple sauce.

Very very good!!

Here you can find the menu

Address: Limmatquai 40

zurich restaurant zimmerleuten

Züri Gschnetzlets

zurich restaurants zimmerleuten

Gehacktes Rindfleisch und Hörnli mit hausgemachtes Apfelmus

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