Where to Find Zurich Rental Cars

Although one of the most efficient public transport systems in the world exists in Zurich rental cars are still available for those tourists that require them.

Normally, rental cars would only be needed if travelling out of the city on a day trip to see the countryside or surrounding towns, as driving them in the heart of the city itself would not be necessary.

The public tram and bus system is cheap, quick and well run, and avoids the need to find parking spaces.

For those people interested in using Zurich rental cars though, cars can be picked up in a number of places. The most obvious and convenient place to pick a car up from, would be at the airport.

Six of the major car rental companies are represented here, and they are Sixt, National Alamo, Hertz, Europcar, Budget and Avis.

The airport has a car hire centre which is located on level one, and cars can be organised on arrival if they have not already been done so before.

These same companies also have additional offices in the city itself, and they can be found on streets such as Badenerstrasse, Josefstrasse and Lindenstrasse.

As with the airport in Zurich, rental cars in the city can be either pre-booked in advance or organised on arrival. It is perhaps best to have reserved a hire car in advance, as not only does this ensure that the tourist has a vehicle suitable for their needs available when they need it, but it may also work out cheaper.

The reason for this, is that booking Zurich rental cars online is very consumer friendly, as it is possible to compare the prices of many hire car companies at the same time in order to see which one offers the best deal. In addition to this, third party websites may also run promotions or cash back deals with certain car rental companies, and travel sites such as Expedia.com offer flight and car hire combo deals.

With so many companies offering rental cars in Zurich, there are a wide selection of cars available, from small city cars through to larger vehicles suitable for families. Most companies will at the very least require a copy of a driving licence or passport, and will also take an imprint of a credit card as a form of security.

One important thing to consider when considering using Zurich rental cars, is the level of insurance offered and what the excess may be. Some cheaper options may have a higher excess amount in the event of an accident, whilst others may cover blown tyres but not windscreens.

It always pays to read the small print before signing the dotted line in order to clarify what exactly is and is not covered by the deal.

Anyone considering visiting Switzerland and staying in Zurich should keep in mind that whilst a hire car is not necessary for the city itself, due to the splendidly well run public transport system, it may be very useful for taking day trips. Available to pick up at the airport or in the city, Zurich car rentals offer an excellent way to see this beautiful country.

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