Midrange Zurich Hotels

NOT enough cash (or credit card limit) for luxury Zurich hotels and would rather stay in some less expensive hotels?

No problem my friend, Zurich has some good choices of midrange priced hotels that you can choose from.

Again, booking well in advance is always highly recommended in order to avoid the busiest times of the year.

Many Zurich hotels offer weekend discounts (including Friday) so make sure to plan your trip accordingly.

Let´s see the list now:

Hotel California

"Welcome to the Hotel California, such a lovely place..." remember the Eagles song?

This 3 Star Zurich Hotel is located in the old town, close to the Grossmünster Church, the Bellevue Platz, and the Lake.

In other words: At walking distance to all the main attractions.

Rooms are decorated in California Style featuring a TV, minibar and hair dryer.

Once you see the entrance for the first time it´s impossible to forget. (This is good if you had too many beers and are worried about confusing the hotel...)

Wireless Internet is quick and free for all guests!!

Check out the American style breakfast menu. If you are like me you´ll get hungry just by looking at it.

And yes, all the guests remember how great the breakfast was.


Schifflände 18

Phone: 041 44 262 40 50

zurich hotel california

Entrance of Hotel California

Zurich Hotel California

Close Up of the main door

Hotel Rütli

This Hotel has 58 comfortable rooms that are equipped with TV, minibar and Nespresso coffee machine (without George Clooney, sorry ladies...)

If you are travelling by train then you´ll appreciate that it´s only a 5 minute walk from the main train station. (and even if you didn´t arrive by train there are advantages beeing close to the station, more about that in the future)

Wireless Internet in the rooms is available (check with Front Desk for the rates)

There is also a free internet terminal in the reception lounge so those of you who don´t want to spend your travelling monies on the wireless, here you got a solution.


Zähringerstrasse 43
Phone: 041 44 254 58 00

rutli zurich hotels

Rutli Hotel Entrance

Hotel Rössli

Rössli which means "little horse" in Swiss German is the perfect place if you want to experience what it´s like to live in Zurich Oldtown.

Typical guests are business travelers from around the world who are seeking the ultimate "charming old town experience".

Of course the location also helps since it is close to all the major attractions of the city.

Wireless Internet is free in all rooms.

The staff is very friendly and helpful.

Roof Top terrace overlooking the old town is extremely charming.


Rössligasse 7
Phone: 041 44 256 70 50

Rossli Zurich Hotels

The Hotel is located in a charming old town narrow street

Zurich Hotels Rossli

Close up of the entrance (see the little horse sign)

Helmhaus Hotel

Helmhaus combines traditional hospitality with modern style design. It exists since 1365 and is one of the first Inns of the city.

Located in the Niederdorf area and therefore @ walking distance to all the main attractions.

Some rooms overlook the river/lake. Ask the front desk.

Wireless internet is free for all guest but please don´t stay on Facebook all day long. Go enjoy the city.


Schifflände 30
Phone: 041 44 266 95 95

Helmhaus Zurich Hotels

Entrance of Hotel Helmhaus

Helmhaus yurich hotels

The Helmhaus is next to a pretty cool shoe store

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