Zurich Hotel Deals

With Switzerland being a rather expensive travel destination it is important to know where, how and when to find Zurich Hotel Deals.

The rules for finding a hotel in Zurich are about the same as for any destination but there are some steps you can take when looking specifically for Zurich hotel deals.

Online Search for Zurich Hotels

There are three ways you can go about finding a hotel in Zurich firstly use a hotel search engine. These are sites which bring you the hotel rates from the entire Internet and display them on one page.

You then choose which deal you are interested in and the site redirects you to the booking site where you can book the hotel.

You can also look on hotel booking sites which specifically deal with Zurich, these many have slipped under the radar of hotel search engines because they can be local small sites. The advantage with these sites is that they list small hotels and their listings are very current.

Try Zuerich.com, go-zurich-hotels.com or Hotels and More.com.

Another place to find Zurich hotels is on sites which deal with bed and breakfasts or Zimmer (rooms) where you can find rental apartments, rooms in local homes and small inns.

One of these sites is Wg Gesucht

How to get the best price on Zurich hotels

Get the lowest hotel rates on Zurich hotels by booking a hotel out of the immediate city centre; get a room without breakfast included (rather enjoy a cheaper coffee and croissant in a local café); check if tax has been added and book on a site which doesn't take a booking fee and book at the right time.

Also simply ask the hotel if they have any special deals or packages at the moment (like book 2 nights get one free, family rates, senior rates, frequent fliers, AAA).

Before booking online try phoning the hotel and asking their rate, it may be cheaper. If the hotel is a business hotel the rates will be lower on weekends and leisure hotels have lower rates during the week.

When to book for great Zurich hotel deals

If you can choose the time you visit Zurich then avoid the peak season from June to September as this is when it is hardest to find good Zurich hotel deals.

Rather travel sometime from April to May.

If you have to be in Zurich in the summer then you will need to book in advance, don't take the chance of trying to get a last minute hotel deal as most hotels will be fully booked.

For summer trips to Zurich book at least 6 weeks in advance if not more unless you are willing to take the chance of not getting a room. If you are traveling in the off season then you can wait until the last minute to get good hotel deals and even negotiate with the hotel for a lower rate.

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