Zurich Hostels

If saving some good cash on your daily budget is important and/or if you don´t mind sharing a room with some other like minded travellers then Zurich Hostels can be a great solution for your stay.

There are not many Hostels in Zurich, actually there are only 2. Yes you got it right, only two.

One is the City Backpacker/Hotel Bieber and the “another one” (as my friend Sandra who is learning English would say) is the Zurich Youth Hostel.

Oh No, Wait, there is a new one called Langstars as well, I almost forgot about it...

Let´s see some more details of each one of the Zurich Hostels.

City Backpacker

Located in the hearth of the Niederdorf (old town), @ walking distance from the Train Station and close to many of the attractions, bars, river, lake,...this is somehow known to be a party hostel.

If you like nightlife then this is a great choice.

You can choose between dormitories that range from CHF 35 per night (6 beds per room),

Double room CHF 114 per night (2 beds)

3 Bedroom CHF 153 per night

4 Bedroom CHF 192 per night

Check in hours are from 8.00 to 12.00 and from 15.00 to 22.00. Make sure to “respect” the schedule.

On summertime you can hang out on the rooftop terrace.

If you are out of shape, smoker (or both) then get ready to catch some air before the entrance as you´ll need to do some stair walking to reach the upper floor where you can check in.


Niederdorfstrasse 5
Phone: 044 251 90 15

Zurich Hostel City Backpacker
Ready to enter the Backpacker Hostel

Zurich Youth Hostel

The first thing that will draw your attention is the purple red color of the building.

But perhaps the best thing of this Hostel is that the reception is open round the clock, 24 hours a day so you can check in at any time you like. (rooms are ready from 3 p.m).

Its big entrance hall is great for watching the big screen TV, to chat with some of the other international guests or to eat a snack.

Rooms are divided into:

16 double rooms with shower/WC

14 rooms with 4 beds and shower/WC

37 rooms with 4 beds and washbasin

9 rooms with 6 beds and washbasin

Located in a quiet part of the city and about 20 mins walk from the train station and all the main attractions.

Breakfast is included in the price!!


Mutschellenstrasse 114
Phone: 043 399 78 00

Langstars Hostel

This is the newest of all Zurich Hostels. Located on Langstrasse, which is known as the red light district of the city as well as the most multicultural spot.

Langstrasse was always associated with prostitution, drugs and crimes but things are getting much better thanks to the effort from the city to make it safer, and as of now there are no problems even at night time.

So don´t worry about it and enjoy its colorfulness.

Right now Langstar offers 26 beds divided into two dorms beeing

1. 14 mixed beds

2. 12 female only beds

Rate is CHF 45 per night with Breakfast + bed sheets included in the price.

Free internet access.

Check in time is from 14.00 to 22.00, after that it´s quiet time.

There is always a band playing at the hostel´s bar, check their website to see who is playing.


Langstrasse 120

Phone: 043 317 96 55

Langstars Hostel Zurich

Close up of the Langstars Hostel

Langstars Zurich Hostel

Surroundings of the Langstars

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