Zurich Bars

Let´s talk about Zurich Bars.

Zurich is often considered to be one of the financial powerhouses of Europe, but people forget that this city has many different sides to it.

One of these, is a vibrant and trendy bar and club scene, which has developed rapidly since the late 1990's. There are now scores of places for people of all ages and social groups to visit, have a few drinks, and enjoy themselves.

From the cool to the kitsch and all that lays in between, there is a place for everyone. Many of the Zurich bars are within close distance of one another, and below, are listed four of my favourites that could be enjoyed individually or together on a bigger night out!

Älpli Bar

This Zurich bar is designed in a traditional style, and is a great place to start an evening out. It is open from 18.00 onwards from Monday to Friday, and really gets going later on with its folklore music.

It also serves its own trademark drink called the Älpli Milch.

A word of caution ¨C. This is very strong stuff indeed!

There is a fair chance that after drinking one or more of these, you won't be going anywhere else because your legs will not work properly.

You have been warned!

Address is Ankengasse 5

Zurich Bars Alpli

Ready to enter the Älpli Bar

zurich bars

Mountain Style Decoration...

zurich bars

Take a look at the curtains

zurich bars

Swiss Flag in the background

zurich bars

Where you can order the "Älpli Milch"

zurich bars

From another angle...

The Jules Verne Panorama Bar

One of the most well known Zurich bars, The Jules Verne Bar is stylish, trendy, and offers an amazing view of the city.

Set over fifty metres high, it is a very popular place that attracts many people, and is an ideal bar to visit on a first date.

It can be found on Uraniastrasse 9, and is open the week through, with the latest nights being Friday and Saturday when it is open until one in the morning.

Zurich Bars

View from the bar

zurich bars

View of the Grossmünster, St. Peter and Fraumünster

zurich bars

It´s nice to enjoy a glass of wine

zurich bars

View from the other side. Sorry I forgot to take pics of the inside....


For something a little different, try visiting the Wings Airline Bar and Lounge.

This delightfully unique place came into being when it was created by a group of pilots and flight attendants who were left jobless after the collapse of an airline.

Decorated in an airline style, it provides customers with a range of wines, cocktails and snacks, with entertainment in the form of live music from time to time.

It is open seven days a week, and on Fridays and Saturdays the hours are extended until two in the morning.

Address is Limmatquai 54

zurich bars

Sign @ the entrance

zurich bars wings

Overview of the bar

zurich bars

Airplane windows format (I forgot the damn flash)

zurich bars

It´s nice to sit on former business class seats even if you cannot afford it...

zurich bars

Some other cool decoration items from the former airline can be found inside the bar

Wüste Bar

The Wüste Bar appeals to anyone that wants to enjoy a good beer in a unique setting.

It has a mixed clientèle of regular locals and curious passers by who are perhaps drawn in by how different it looks to some other bars.

From the outside, it looks slightly grungy which places it in direct contrast to some of the more flash bars in Zurich.

The staff are friendly though, and it is the place to come to for anyone wanting a relaxing beer and the chance to talk to colourful characters.

As with many of the Zurich bars, it is open seven days a week, with the hours extended on Fridays and Saturdays until 02.00 in the morning.

Address is Oberdorfstrasse 7

zurich bars

The Wüste bar from the outside

zurich bars

And from the inside (bathroom door)

There are of course many more bars than the ones listed above, and discovering new places during a night out is all part of the fun.

In the future I will list some more fun bars for you to go to.

Zurich has some great nightlife, and there are many cool places to party away until the early hours of the morning.

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