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Even though Zurich is the most populous city in Switzerland, it is still relatively compact, and the most important Zurich attractions are to be found within easy distance of one another.

A walking tour of the city is by far the best way to soak up the atmosphere and see these attractions, and the main landmarks can be visited in as little as two hours if so desired.

The city is bisected by the Limmat river, and a walking tour of Zurich includes the attractions on both sides.

A good starting point for the walk would be at the train station, or Hauptbahnhof, as this gives an easily recognisable landmark to orientate from.

The walk could be taken at any time during the day, but it is probably advisable to miss the commuters going to and from work, and take the walk between 09.00 and 16.30.

Leaving the station behind, the first section of the walking tour of Zurich begins along Bahnhofstrasse, which is a wonderful place to do a spot of window shopping, with its many jewellers and fashion boutiques.

You may also be quite literally walking along (or at least above) a street of gold, as the bank vaults beneath the streets are said to be full of gold and silver!

zurich attractions

View of the famous Bahnhofstrasse

Make sure you stop at the Sprüngli store to drink a coffee and buy some Luxemburgerli. Once you tried them, life will never be the same...

Sprüngli is also a good place to buy very high quality chocolates.

zurich attractions

The Sprüngli store

zurich attractions

The high quality chocolates

zurich attractions sprungli

The famous Luxemburgerli

zurich attractions luxemburgerli

which come in many different flavours

The street ends at Burkliplatz which offers great views out over the lake as well as taking some stupid tourist pictures

zurich lake

The nice view of the lake

lake zurich attractions

I am taking the stupid tourist picture...

After a little time spent there, it´s now time to double back along Bahnhofstrasse to see some more Zurich attractions.

A little over halfway back to the train station, the walking tour of Zurich takes a right hand turn along Augustinergasse, which is a beautiful narrow street.

augustiner strasse

Beginning of the Augustinergasse

zurich attractions augustinerstrasse

Very nice walk

augustiner strasse

Flower shop

The next stop is St Peters Church, which is certainly hard to miss, having an enormous clock face which at 8.7 metres in diameter is the largest in Europe.

There is a circular bench around an old tree here, which is the perfect place to take some photographs, catch some breath and fully enjoy the moment.

st peters church

It´s nice to relax on a bench beneath an old tree...

st peters church zurich attractions

St. Peters Church, the largest clock face in Europe

On video on a snowy late afternoon...

Resuming the walk, a right hand turn along Schlusselgasse will lead towards another of Zurich's famous churches, Fraumunster. Part Romanesque and part Gothic, it features magnificent stained glass windows by Marc Chagall.

fraumunster church

Fraumunster Church

Leaving churches alone for a while, the next stop on the walk is at the Roman Baths. These can be quite hard to find, and is best located by heading back towards the station along Wuhre street, until reaching the Wein Platz/Rathaus bridge.

On the left is a small street called Thermengasse, and it is here that the Roman Baths are to be found. Cheats may decide to switch on their phones GPS!

zurich attractions

walk on Wuhre Strasse along the Limmat River


The Ancient Roman Baths on Thermengasse

thermengasse zurich attractions

View of the little old street

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