Zurich Airport Hotels

If staying in the city/old town Zurich is not a priority then Zurich airport hotels could be a good option especially if you have an early morning flight and you need to stay somewhere close overnight.

Most of the Zurich airport hotels will offer a free shuttle service to the terminal so you won´t have to worry about taking a cab or a bus to the airport.

One of the hotels, the Radisson Blu, is attached to the airport and what´s cool about it is that you can walk to the terminal.

Ok then, let´s take a look at each one of the hotels:

Park Inn Zurich Airport

This Hotel is located 5 Kilometers away from the Airport and 13 Kilometers away from the city center.

It features 208 Rooms - which are all decorated following the Feng Shui philosophy. I am sure you´ve heard the word Feng Shui before but not many people understand how it works.

I know I am getting a little off topic here but it´s interesting to know some facts about this oriental discipline.

Feng Shui means "Wind Water" in Chinese. In a nutshell you organize your home, office, hotel rooms (in this case) by positioning the furniture a certain way, using different colors and/or adding additional objects.

It´s important that you also "program" your intention/desired effect into the room by doing a little ritual.

The Park Inn rooms have warm red walls with wave effects that are meant to bring a calming effect to all its guests. (it´s good to relax before or after a flight...)

Rooms are very clean and guests love the ergonomic beds.

10 fully equipped meeting rooms can welcome upto 150 guests, so this is a great option for your business meetings or some other get togethers.

If you like to work out then you´ll be happy to know that there is a fitness room where you can pump some iron...

Of course there is a Shuttle service to the airport.

Another cool thing is their underground parking lot which has space for about 100 cars.

Costumer service is very good as well.

Price is about USD 275 per night.


Flughofstrasse 75 - Rümlang

Phone: 041 44 828 86 86

Radisson Blu Zurich Airport

Radisson Blu is a new and very modern hotel. The best thing about it is that it´s directly connected / at walking distance to the airport terminals. You can walk around and feel like Tom Hanks in the movie "The Terminal"....

Its 330 rooms are large, comfortable and very stilish. They include minibar, Flat screen TV and some of them have a great view of the airport.

Free Wireless Internet is available for all guests.

You can grab a bite at their stylish Italian restaurant.

If you need to schedule a business meeting, you´ll be happy to know that there are 46 rooms just for that purpose.

And after a long day you can enjoy their Sauna and Fitness Club.

Price is about USD 200 per night.


Zurich Airport / Arrival 1

Phone: 041 44 800 40 40

Holiday Inn Express

This Holiday Inn is located 7 Mins from the Airport and will take u there with its free Schuttle service.

As many hotels of the "Holiday Inn" chain it is known for beeing a quality budget Hotel that will make the price conscious traveller very happy.

It has 163 Rooms that are clean and functional with a flat screen TV.

If you wake up hungry during the night you can grab something to eat at their 24 hours bar/lounge.

Room price is around USD 117 per night beeing the best value for Zurich Airport Hotels.


Hofwisenstrasse 30, Rümlang
Phone: 041 44 809 34 00

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