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Zurich has many great attractions to keep tourists occupied during their stay, and the zoo Zurich has to offer is amongst the best. It can be reached by the excellent public transport system including trams and buses, driven to by car, is accessible to those people who would prefer to walk or cycle, and in a few years, there may even be a cable car service there!

The Zurich Zoo is open every day of the year, from 09.00 in the morning through to 17.00 during the winter, and 18.00 during the summer. This gives the visitor plenty of time to see more than 2000 specimens of 300 species that are housed in state of the art and purpose built enclosures.

There are a number of areas within the zoo in Zurich that stand out, but perhaps the one that most people comment upon, is the Masoala Rainforest section. This cleverly designed centrepiece is warm and humid the entire year through, and provides a miniature version of Madagascar under one roof.

A path twists through the rainforest which includes dense vegetation and swamp sections, revealing animals such as turtles, lemurs and brightly coloured frogs. Covering an area of over 11,000 square metres, it is both a fun and informative place to walk around, and through this area in the zoo, Zurich shows its commitment to conservation of both species and environment.

Leaving the Masoala Rainforest behind, another popular feature of the Zurich zoo, is the Penguin Parade. This takes place between October and March on any day that the temperature is below 10 degrees at 13.30 in the afternoon.

These curious looking creatures then go for a walk around the zoo to visit the other animals and stretch their legs! It is a unique experience for visitors to witness, and many a photo and video is taken.

Feeding times are also popular times of day in any zoo, Zurich being no exception. The big cat feeding times may vary on a day to day basis, but others, such as the seals, penguins and apes are fed at regular times. Setting aside time to see the animals being fed is highly recommended for anyone that is visiting Zurich Zoo.

The Zurich Zoo also has numerous other attractions, which include the elephant shower which is done at 09.00 everyday, the exotarium (which is home to reptiles and frogs), birds, insects and many other things. There are also a number of restaurants throughout the complex, and visitors are permitted to bring in their own picnics if they desire.

For anyone seeking a family orientated day out, the Zurich zoo is the perfect attraction, being both entertaining and informative at the same time. It houses many endangered species, and in some cases, the only examples of certain species on display within Europe.

Its central theme is one of promoting animal conservation, in tandem with projecting a positive ecological message. For anyone that that is thinking of visiting the zoo, Zurich rates as being one of the best in the world.


From the main train station and Bahnhofstrasse, take Tram # 6 direction Zoo.

Website: www.zoo.ch

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