Sightseeing Zurich

All right then, let´s talk about some more sightseeing Zurich.

Let´s see were we left the attractions.

Ok, leaving the baths behind, the walk heads towards the Lindenhof Park.

To find it just take a look above and try to spot the trees.

Lindenhof is the oldest part of Zurich, where everything was born.

Originally a Roman Customs post, nowdays is a great place to relax, drink some free water from one of the 1200 fountains of the city, get to be a child again as well as enjoying the view from what is affectionately called the “terrace of the city”.

lindenhof zurich

This is why the Lindenhof is called "terrace of the city"

lindenhof zurich attraction

View of the Grossmunster Church in the back

zurich attractions lindenhof

A free drink from the fountain

lindenhof zurich

people playing chess...

And of course I get to be a kid again with some time regression therapy....

Now it´s time to head back towards the train station and get ready for some more sightseeing Zurich.

The second section of the walk begins again at the train station, but crosses immediately over the Limmat river on the Bahnhof Bridge towards the Niederdorf.

At the beginning of Niederdorf you can take a coffee at Starbucks and then board on the Polybahn which is a beautiful red cable car that takes you to the University section of Zurich.

From the terrace you can take another great look of the city.

polybahn zurich

Entrance of the Polybahn. Make sure you bought the Zurich Card

polybahn zurich attraction

Up it goes

On video as well....

zurich eth

The Zurich ETH University

eth zurich

A look from the terrace

Returning once more to the Niederdorf (aka taking the red cable car back down), a stroll towards the Grossmunster Church is a great way to soak up the ambience of this old town section.

Stop at the Migros Shop to buy some of the cheapest chocolate you can find, this makes a great gift to bring back home. Look for the “Frey” brand which is good quality and superb value.

niederdorf zurich

Sightseeing Zurich in the old town section

niederdorf zurich

The beautiful old time narrow streets

niederdorf zurich attractions

A pit stop at the Migros store (orange M sign) to buy some cheap chocolate

Then continue walking in the direction of the Grossmunster.

The church itself is once more a Romanesque and Gothic marvel with twin towers that overlook the Limmat river. It is possible to climb to the top, where some spectacular views over the city can be had.

Just be warned to climb slowly if you are out of shape… because otherwise once you reach the top you´ll need to spend the first 5 minutes catching your breath.

grossmunster church zurich

Entrance of the Grossmunster Church

On video as well....

Climbing some stairs on the way to the top

grossmunster church

City view on top of the Grossmunster church

zurich attractions grossmunster

View of the lake

grossmunster church

picture of the twin tower on the top

grossmunster church

View of the church from the other side of the Limmat river

Whilst there are certainly many more things to see and do in Zurich, a walking tour of the city is an excellent way to get a taste for what it has to offer. Tourist maps of the city are available at most hotels as well as in the tourist information office situated in the train station.

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