Hotels In Zurich

Finding hotels in Zurich that are suited according to your budget is not always an easy task.

Although there are more than 120 hotels in the city, zurich hotels can be very expensive depending on the location, luxury and time of the year.

As a genteral rule (and this goes of course for all cities not just Zurich) you should check if there is a major event in the city at the time you are travelling so you know that you have to book well well well in advance.

Rest easy my friends I will put a calendar of the major events here on this website so you can check and do your homework.

On this page I will start by listing some expensive top of the line hotels.

Midrange Hotels, Budged Hotels and Hostels will be shown in different pages on this site.


Luxury Hotels in Zurich

Baur Au Lac

The Baur Au Lac hotel is good enough for royalty. Sitting on it’s own private park on the lake shore, it has hosted many celebrities, and even royalty.

This hotel exist since 1844 so saying that it is "traditional" would be an understatement.

It is located at the upper end of the Bahnhofstrasse shopping district, and is steeped in historical significance. There are butlers on staff, as well as a fitness center with personal trainers and physiotherapy.

With a night club on sight and Rolls Royce limos, the party is at Baur Au Lac.

It is also very close to one of the best places for eating a Bratwurst....


Talstrasse 1

Phone: 041 44 220 5020

Widder Hotel

The Widder Hotel is a hotel like no other.

It is located in the Augustiner quarter. The hotel is a series of townhouses that are also historic landmarks that have been restored for the convenience of the guests.

IT has 42 rooms, seven of which are suites, and some also have private rooftop terraces.

There is an amazing restaurant, a bar, and multiple conference rooms for any event brought to this intriguing hotel.

The Widder Hotel is sure to change the way you view your vacation.


Rennweg 7
Phone: 041 44 224 25 26

Click Here for more info about the Widder Zurich

widder hotel in zurich

The Widder Hotel

widder hotels in zurich

Close up of the entrance

Park Hyatt Zurich

This extremely well located luxury Hotel has 142 rooms that are very elegantely decorated.

Close to both Paradeplatz, the lake and Bahnhofstrasse.


Beethovenstrasse 21
Phone: 044 43 883 12 34

Click Here for more info about the Park Hyatt

Zurich Marriott Hotel

The Zurich Marriott hotel is an ultimate vacation destination.

It is also perfect for any business gathering due to the impressive 150 sqm of multimedia space on the ground floor of the hotel.

Each room is outfitted with a flatscreen television with multimedia access, and a swivel work desk for late night inspiration.

The hotel itself is located in the heart of Zurich, so that tearing the team away from a meeting to visit the city is not a daunting task.


Neumühlequai 42
Phone: 041 44 360 70 70

Marriott Zurich

The Marriott, one of the luxury hotels in Zurich

Wellenberg Hotel

Located in the hearth of Niederdorf (Zurich old town) it offers 45 rooms & suites on 5 floors.

Great for both tourists and business people.

Within walking distance from all the major "to see" stuff such as the lake, the Limmat river, Bahnhofstrasse,...

Nice summer terrace also available.


Niederdorfstrasse 10
Phone: 041 43 888 44 44

Wellenberg hotel in zurich

The Wellenberg Hotel next time will take a better picture

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