Schweizerhof Hotel Zuerich

The Schweizerhof Hotel Zuerich, is one of a kind.

Located across from the main railway station, the famous Bahnhofstrasse, the Hotel is just minutes away from Zurich's major shopping area and business center.

Although it was built in 1876, the hotel maintains a mix between classic beauty and modernity considering that the entire facade was redone in 2007.

For all those who love food, the Schweizerhof Hotel Zuerich is located next to a quaint, charming café, perfect for a morning cappuccino and croissant.

The hotel is also home to a bar and a number of restaurants which will fit even the pickiest traveler’s culinary delights. The breakfast buffet in the mornings is outstanding and fit for business travelers or families.

Although the rates are a bit high in Zurich, the value of this Zuerich Hotel is incredible. The rooms are spacious with modern furnishings and the staff maintains a professionalism that can’t be beat.

The Hotel Schweizerhof is ranked number one out of 124 hotels on Trip Advisor, an outstanding accomplishment. The rooms are said to be spotless with comfortable beds and furnishing. The location makes it easy for guests to explore the city.

The central train station is just two steps away from the hotel!

Guests are received well, with wine, water or juice, chocolate and fresh towels. Each staff member is well trained, polite and helpful.

The Hotel Schweizerhof is technologically advanced and boasts high tech conference rooms which are stocked with a laser pointer, a Wi-Fi system, fresh fruits, candies, flower decorations and writing materials.

Available at additional costs are laptops, microphone systems, stages, fax machines, video projectors and an optional dance floor.

Why stay in Zurich?

With its 400 Thousand inhabitants, Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland.

Don’t worry about ease of transportation when staying at the Schweizerhof Hotel Zuerich, as the city is centrally located with a mixture of railways, roads and air transport.

The airport and railway station are actually the largest in the country.

The Old Town, Zurich Zoo, The Reitberg Museum and the Zurich Toy Museum are just some of the attractions that you’ll find in the city.

So when you’re headed into Zurich Switzerland, be sure to check out some of these amazing sites and consider staying at the Hotel Schweizerhof!


Bahnhofplatz 7
Phone: 041 44 218 88 88

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