Flights to Zurich

When looking for flights to Zurich it´s very important to know about all the many options that you have on the web.

As I already mentioned in another page I have some friends who are experts when it comes to surfing the web for saving a buck or two.

But the best way is to test things out, so imagine you live in Tokyo and would like to go to Zurich for a week.

Let´s look for cheap flights to Zurich leaving Tokyo on the 20th of November and going back on the 27th same month.

Let me type in and see what´s up....

They are asking me to select at least 3 websites out of 4 that are showing on the right side of the page in order to compare.

The 4 sites are Expedia, Emirates, Booking Buddies and OneTime.

I choose all of them.

Oh my God, my screen is going nuts....4 pages trying to open at the same time....

Let´s see the results:

Emirates: I hit the “find flights” button and I receive the following “Sorry, there was a system error while your itinerary was loading. Please try again”

I try again...

“Sorry, there was a system error while your itinerary was loading. Please try again”

Patience has never been one of my strongest qualities so I just choose to move on.

Expedia compares many different Airlines and tells me that the best value is a Non Stop flight with Swiss Airlines at USD 1369.

If I choose the Swiss flight it also gives me option to add a Hotel for a total Zurich vacation package.

That´s pretty cool huh..

The Farecompare window directs me to ebookers, showing me the same Swiss flight at USD 1362 (price shown was in GBP so probably the slight difference is in the conversion).

Booking Buddy tells me to choose from 4 different websites (Orbitz, One Travel, Expedia, Hotwire). I choose Hotwire wich tells me to choose other websites as well.

I am getting a little tired of having to select so many websites but just for the fun of it I choose Kayak.

The result is a Swiss flight for USD 1376 so pretty close to what we have seen above.

Something is telling me to check One Travel as well. The results that I found is the Swiss flight for USD 1302 (nice savings) as well as a British Airwais flight for USD 1293, but I would have to wait for 4 hours in London to catch a connecting flight so it´s not worth it.

OneTime again is giving me options of many different websites. Some of them I have already mentioned above.

I try which tells me that they don´t work with flights from Tokyo (why not man?) and Travel Ticker opens by giving me other website options.

I am starting to feel like I am playing with Russian dolls here....

Ok, so far so good.

Time to try now and see what they offer.

Again I get to choose from many different websites all of them organized by price (cheapest comes first). The same Swiss Airlines flight to Zurich appears and the virtual travel agent I got to choose this time is Travel Papa. The price is USD 1369,42 so It´s more expensive that what I found above.

Lastly Im ´gonna try and see if they can beat the lowest amount I got so far (USD 1302)

My results: The cheapest flights to Zurich are with Swiss Airlines and they re-direct me to where I have been before with the farecompare website. Price is USD 1362.

Conclusion: After my 30 mins search for flights to Zurich I´ve found out that Swiss has the best flight and One Travel has the best price beeing USD 1302.

Have fun with your searches.

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