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If you are looking for cheap flights to Zurich then I can give you some good advice. You see I happen to have some friends that are like pros when it comes to research and saving a buck on flight deals.

Friend number one travels the world extensively and is an expert when it comes to frequent flyer miles, flight deals, time zones, vaccinations, visas, malaria (not really) and some other stuff that is involved in travelling.

Friend number 2 is the type of person that would spend a whole day (or week) on the computer just to tell you that he was able to find a better deal than you.

After finding it he will gladly let you know providing that you give him credit (in the form of praise) for having discovered the website, travel agent or both.

Friend # 1 suggests two websites being and

Friend # 2 suggest

Farecompare, Momondo and Liligo work as some kind of flight search engines linking either directly to the airline or to some other aggregator.

I respect the advice from both friends a great deal however I always like to put suggestions to a test as they say “seeing is believing”.

Ok then lets try the 3 websites and see if they are good to show us some cheap flights to Zurich.

I am looking for a flight deal from London, leaving LON on the 21st of September 2011 and coming back on the 26th same Month same Year.

Farecompare tells me that the best deal would be via Easyjet leaving LON at 07.10 am and arriving in ZHR at 09.50.

The flight back to LON on the 26th would leave ZHR 9.20 PM and arrive in LON 9.55 PM.

The price is about USD 149 roundtrip.

And to those of you who are wondering why the flight back to LON takes much less than the one going to ZHR please check your time differences and find out that the 2 cities are in different time zones (thks for asking anywayz)

Momondo mentions exactly the same flights via Easyjet but their price is slightly lower. USD 122

Lastly, Liligo tells me Easyjet, same flights, total price USD 137,62

Conclusion: In this case Momondo wins the battle.

Observation: both Momondo and Liligo direct me to Easyjet website where I can then make the purchase. Farecompare directs me to ebookers which looks like a virtual travel agent.

All 3 websites are telling me that for this route the cheapest airline is Easyjet and mention the same flight. So when looking for flights to Zurich (or anywhere in the world) all sites provide an excellent research tool.

Word of caution: be very careful to read all the sales conditions in order to see if there are any restrictions, hidden charges and so on.


Recently I have been made aware of an other extremely cool website when it comes to searching for cheap flights to Zurich within Europe and UK.

I am talking about which is a research tool for all the low cost airlines that are available from an origin/destination of your choice. (UK and Europe only)

Let´s test their search tool.

Hmmm, what about flights from Dublin to Zurich. On the left corner I look for Dublin...

Wait a sec, I first need to understand that the tool is organized by country and then by city.

So lets look for Ireland and then 4 Dublin.

As a destination I first choose Switzerland and then, needless to say, Zurich. (step two, middle box).

The search results (step 3) shows me two low cost airlines beeing and

Now if I want I can click on each website and see if the low cost airline actually has the best prices for the flight I am looking for.

You will find out that it´s not always that way, but anyways the tool is pretty awesome for researching low cost airlines within Europe.

The low cost airline guide will not give me the possibility to search for dates and specific flights, for that I will have to use the airline websites that appear in the search or use the other websites that I mentioned at the beginning of this article. (aka momondo, farecompare,...)

Hope you enjoy this additional tool in your quest for cheap flights to Zurich.

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