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Why should I be going to Zurich?

Hmm good question:

Maybe to see with your own eyes what it means to be traditional and contemporary at the same time. Or maybe to see some of the weirdest bars and restaurants of the world.

Zurich never stops to amaze me, i have been there a gazillion times but nevertheless am always looking forward to the next time.

The city has a lot to offer wheater it is sightseeing, food, bars, or nightlife.

I have created Zurich City Guide in order to give you some insider tips and advice that is a little different than the typical travel guide that you would buy in your local book shop.

Here is a sneak peak of what you´ll find in Zurich City Guide:

1. How to get free water when thirsty

2. One of the coolest shops in the world where you can do shopping and sightseeing @ the same time.

3. Unique bars and cafés that you won´t find anywhere else in the world (like Starbucks for exemple...)

4. How to get a spectacular view of the city and at the same time have a weird "hand drying experience"

5. Top attractions to visit (not the boring ones)

6. Where to eat the greatest chocolate and desserts.

7. Boring attractions

8. Where to buy the cheapest chocolate to bring back as a gift for your friends and family.

9. Cool restaurants of both traditional swiss cuisine and international

10. Cheap Hotels

11. Expensive Hotels

12. Other accomodation options such as apartments for rent and some other solutions which don´t include sleeping on the street.

13. How to get cheap flights to Zurich

14. The top 2 places where to eat a Bratwurst (typical swiss sausage) and drink a beer

15. Tips on which souvenirs you should buy.

16. Why you should go to the train station even if you don´t have to catch a train.

17. All this and much much more



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